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                                                                        Well, we are pretty excited here at the Cromartie Studio.  It is like somebody has opened the floodgates on my work and brought a reason to celebrate sharing the good news.  TIME Art Scene’s, www.glencoe.com , new art history textbook, Art Talk, has included me as the classic representation of Symmetry and Balance. (The other example is a 1432 classic, The Arnolfini Wedding, by Jan van Eyck.)   I first heard from TIME about three years ago when they asked me if I would be interested in having my painting of the White House included in their new art history textbook.  I almost said DUH, but my education kicked in, and I said, “Certainly, I would be honored.

” Three years passed with no confirmation. Then one July day the completed work was delivered.  Some investigation of the story behind the book revealed a Board of Academics had worked on the book for over five years!  They said that one reason that it took so long was because everything in the book had to be verified.  After all, this is the art history textbook used to teach our teenagers in high schools across the USA.  Besides a great honor for me, a significant aspect of being included in this book is that it is now an accurate and reliable source of information that future authors of art history books will use as a starting point for their own books.

As far as I can tell, there are only three other living artists in the book.  The WOW hit me when Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Magazine, showed up at my gallery knowing of my selection and buying one original painting and one of each enhanced giclees.  I asked Mr. Forbes, “I understand that your buying an original as an investment, but I don’t understand why you bought the giclees.  Can you explain?” 

His reply, “Well, Jim, it is my understanding that you personally  retouched each one of the giclee prints.  Do you realize how few artists get into art history books while they are alive?  Trust me, very few.  You’re the closest thing to a sure bet… 

.. So I am buying these for myself, my children, and my grandchildren.” The only coherent words that came to mind were, “Well, Steve, if you put it that way…can I call you Steve?  I certainly do agree.”



Jim Cromartie


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